Thursday 16 May 2013

HisR is one year old!

Human IS Right is celebrating its first birthday! Thanks to every person who is contributing to our action! Let's go!!!

Tuesday 14 May 2013

Mob Justice, Violation of Human Rights

 Today May 14, a young man was almost killed by the population of Molyko Buea, for stealing a lady's hand bag from her car. The mob was apparently retaliating against the constant theft in the Molyko neighborhood. Human IS Right centre is calling on the public against the habit of taking the law into their own hands, warning that such action will only result in a chaotic society where no one's rights will be observed no security guaranteed. Mob justice, is a negative phenomenon affecting the development of human rights in the society,moreover mob justice specifically violates two articles in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights—the right to a fair trial (Article 10) and the right to stand innocent of a crime before being proved guilty (Article 11).