Monday 12 May 2014

First balance after one month of interviewing the prisoners

It is one month that we, as Human is Right's legal team, can go to the prison interviewing the detainees: now we are bringing on three different projects, inside the prisoner's rights one, analyzing women, minors and long awaiting trial detainees situation. Our job is going on in a good way and for that we have to thank the prison staff, who gives us a place where we can do our job, and our project coordinator, Blaise Chamango, who is always available to clarify our doubts.

Since we are at the beginning of our NGO's job it could seem that there are no concrete results, but we truly believe that ours is a long term job and now the most important thing is to put stable basis for the future: that is why we have prepared specified questionnaires for the three different categories of detainees with peculiar question and, always thank to our project coordinator, we are meeting everyday other organizations and associations we can work with.

Even if we are a small NGO, we are sure that our job will give important results: our aim is not our personal glory, but it is contributing to better the judicial machinery in rendering justice within a very period, so that we can give a contribution for solving the problem of the slowness and improve on the quality of service delivery by public authorities in charge to administer justice.

Article written by Mattia Zenoni