Monday 5 January 2015

Happy 2015!!!

Happy 2015!!!

Amidst the joy of holiday celebrations, it is also time to reflect on the highlights of the year.
Human Is Right says a big thank you to all stakeholders for being part of our amazing year! To our amazing interns, we started the year welcoming many of you, being part of our team, then we ended the year with much achievements thanks to your amazing contributions.
We now look ahead to 2015 and engage the new year. Despite the challenges faced in 2014, we have had a great year and you were all part of our achievements.
To all our supporters who now look takes the new locomotive of 2015, we encourage you to consider Human IS Right in your planning. We invite you to make an impact by supporting Human IS Right’s work and being our ambassadors in your communities. Your investment in Human Is Right supports a great initiative that facilitates access to justice for the less privilege while creating impact today and into the future.

Thanks you!!!

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