Saturday 21 November 2015

Reviewing education in prisons (Kumba and Buea): a critical challenge.

Human IS Right in partnership with Operation Total Impact and CAMBECSOR are currently carrying out formal education and reformation education to adults and juveniles within the Buea and Kumba prisons. It is a real challenge to undertake this difficult task.
Our team wishes to find out from You, how can participation in prison education programmes be improved? How do we measure performance and effectiveness...? Which teaching models work, and what good practice exists?
We encouraging all our past interns/volunteers and all those who wish to support our work to make their voice heard. The action aims to assess how we can improve education for prisoners, with plans to make recommendations to government in 2016. We welcome all contributions which has the potential to ensure that education in prisons offers a wide ranging curriculum which provides meaningful learning opportunities.
You can input your experiences, evidence, and proposals by email to

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